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What is LazyLash?

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Product Question

Do I need to use glue?

Nope, that's the beauty of the product! Thanks to the Peel&Stick technology you don't need to use any added product. Just peel them off the case and apply them to your lash line and press them on gently. Voila, you are ready to glam!

Can I apply the lashes after applying makeup?

Yes, the adhesive strip works also after you have applied makeup and can be applied afterwards to finish up your look.

Are they waterproof?

Yes. The LazyLash self-adhesive lashes will stay on also if getting wet.

Are they reusable?

LazyLash lashes are reusable for 6+ times, depending on your care. We highly recommend cleaning them from added mascara and returning them to their case after usage to protect the adhesive strip from dust and residue.

What if they don't stick well anymore?

In order to restore the self-adhesive strip we recommend removing added products such as mascara after usage, washing them with warm water and storing them in their case. Clean off further residue and let them dry or gently blow to enhance stickiness.

Do the lashes come with a case?

Yes. Each individual set comes in its own durable, hard-shell compact case and dust-covers. So you can perfectly transport them in your purse or on travels.