Bye Bye Lash Glue: Introducing Reusable & Self-Adhesive Lashes

We present you our reusable self-adhesive eyelashes so you can stop harming your eyes and natural eyelashes with glue. They only require 5 seconds to apply and will stay attached even when wet! Easy, fabulous and quick lashes for your WOW factor.

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  • This leveled up my routine!

    I was so sceptical but I literally save SO MUCH time when getting ready in the morning!!! Definitely try it yourself! - Claire

  • It blow my mind – and my lashes!

    I live and love the LazyLash styles every single day ever since trying it out. Customer support was super helpful too in answering my question! – Maika

  • So much better than expected! 💜

    Seriously, where was this all my life? Literally got rid of all my other products as I got so tired dealing with messy glue. I'm SOLD. – Vika


What is LazyLash?

LazyLash is your one-stop-shop for beautiful, glue-less, high-quality lashes. With our self-adhesive, reusable lashes you can wear different styles for every day. Choose from six different styles and glow up your lash look in seconds without any additional glue!

How long will it take to deliver my order?

Delivery takes between 10-15 days. You can track your order with your tracking link.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide!

How do I handle a return or cancellation?

Please send us our our return form indicating the reason of return at You can find the form in our Return Policies. Furthermore, we will ensure to handle your return as quick as possible.